Our office negotiates, drafts, analyzes and formalizes preliminary contracts such as Memorandums of Understanding (MOUs) , Letters of Intent (LOIs) , confidentiality and non-compete agreements, as well as various typical and atypical national and international contracts, including those relative to product distribution, purchase and acquisition of goods and businesses, representation, manufacturing to order, operations & maintenance (O&M), and professional services.

We provide services to extinguish contractual obligations, including extrajudicial procedures for the performance, resolution, dissolution and mutual resolution of agreements.


The Office is specialized in construction and infrastructure contracts including, but not limited to EPCs, EPCMs, works, alliances, TurnKey, and Engineering & Construction agreements, providing both consultation and litigation services.

Analysis of documentation in order to evaluate evidence for eventual litigation, whether that be in an Arbitral Tribunal or Court. Contract administration including claims management and risks.

With the intent to provide full services in this area, we partner with top level consultants and auditing firms.


Our office practices in the most diverse areas of Civil Law with the objective or orienting and assisting our corporate clients in the resolution of their conflicts, whether that should be in an advisory role or litigation which involves matters relative to the interpretation of national and international rules and contracts

We have professionals specialized and capable of providing ample support for the better development of your business activities, performing both extrajudicial (advisory) and judicial (litigation) roles in order to defend property and moral rights, practicing in all areas of civil and commercial law, such as contractual and non-contractual disputes and civil liability for illicit acts.


Our law office has professionals and business partners specialized in Arbitral Law who both consult and represent companies in the arbitral tribunals. Offering orientation and training services for the prevention of litigation and the settlement of interests through agreements, together with drafting and revising terms of conciliation and the resolution of disputes.

We also offer exclusive Commercial Conciliation which strives to reduce costs in the resolution of conflicts, together with a significant reduction in the time required to resolve such disputes.


We practice in the most diverse corporate operations, consulting on corporate restructuring, including fusions, acquisitions, spin-offs and incorporations.

Our firm enjoys ample expertise in this area, providing legal counseling to the most diverse questions, such as Contracts and By-Laws, drafting minutes of meetings, studies, participation in general assemblies and shareholders’ meetings, shareholders’, owners’ and partners’ agreements as well as any other types of corporate agreements.


We have professionals specialized in assisting foreign companies to establish themselves in Brazil, formalizing all legal acts required by Brazilian law, such as the formation of the company, opening of subsidiaries, registration of trademarks and products, requests for labor permits for foreign employees, expatriation assistance among other necessary actions necessary for the reconciliation of foreign and Brazilian legislation.


We have professionals specialized in Compliance, promoting the development and updating of anti-corruption and ethics policies, corporate governance, training, monitoring, investigations and mitigation of risks.


Our offices provide legal assistance in both consultation and litigation relative to the various social security benefits, such as disability benefits, reverse retirement, as well as other benefits.